Welcome to the National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago

Regional Carnival

Trinidad and Tobago is the home of Carnival, the greatest show on earth. While Carnival has consistently evolved through the years to become a much-beloved and cherished cultural celebration that draws thousands visitors to our shores to play in the Parade of the Bands, and indulge in the many fetes and parties, the historical element of Carnival is one that the National Carnival Commission is dedicated to preserving, primarily though the work of the NCC Regional Carnival Committee.

NCC Regional Carnival Committee
Backed by a formidable and experienced team, the NCC Regional Carnival Committee stands as the backbone and one of the most important aspects of the industry; carrying the baton of the traditional aspects of the festival by ensuring that there exists continuity, sustainability, historical traditions, maintenance of cultural identity and tapestry. The Committee is also the lynchpin in the relationship between the 57 Regional Carnival Committees around the country and the NCC.

The Committee oversees the planning and execution of a number of Carnival events that prominently display many traditional elements of our Carnival, including:

  • Stick-fighting competitions
  • Traditional Mas Characters Parades (including Devil Mas, Sailor Mas, Indian Mas) – both Individual and Bands
  • Re-enactment of Canboulay riots
  • The Dragon Festival.

These Regional Carnival activities continue to see increased participation and a growth in the number of regional and international visitors.